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Terms for consultants
We are a Knowledge Process Outsourcing Platform provider where we have in-house staff to outsource certain services as well as registered consultants in varied fields and disciplines. We on our part never provide any personal data of any registered consultant without primary investigating the motive of the prospective client. If in any case any one invade your privacy by any means please inform us so we can set it right through appropriate action.

We do not cross check any information regarding the aspiring individual or organization to join as our registered consultants. So make sure that whatever you provide you as your personal information and credentials on the registration form is valid and accurate. In the case of any wrong, incomplete or modified information on any front shall be punishable by the concerned authority of the country-state to which he/she belonged.

Your registration is yearly registration, whatever the registration fee you are paying to FreemanKPO Consultants is one year fee and non refundable. You will have to pay your fee in time to retain your membership on yearly bases. If you fail to pay your fee by the last date of the availed membership, your candidature registered consultant will be terminated automatically, and you will have to re-join as registered consultants by registering once again.

Financial Terms & Conditions for registered consultants:

Once you registered with us you are liable to follow the below mentioned terms and conditions set by the FreemanKPO Consultants governing body, and binding to accept any changes in them without any pre-conditions. FreemanKPO Consultants reserves to change or amend any terms and conditions including financial at any time without any prior notice to any registered consultants.

The terms and conditions as follows:

  1. The fee you decide to quote to any prospective client has to be informed first to FreemanKPO Consultant.
  2. You cannot change the rate or the amount of the fee once you quoted to any prospective client. If you do so in any manner you will be liable for legal action.
  3. As registered consultants you will have to impart 10 % of the consulting fee earnings to FreemanKPO Consultants as part of the business development and management expenses to run the organization. If you do not want to share the amount you cannot be a registered consultants under FreemanKPO Consultants.
  4. Any financial fraud or service contract violation done by you will be completely your fault punished by the concerned authority. Your membership will be immediately terminated without any notice and your account will be sealed and you will no longer allowed to withdraw money out of it until the allegation made by client proved false or incorrect and you are declared innocent.
  5. This organization is created to help any individual or institution to grow monetarily and intellectually so always try to keep the sanctity of the core values of this organization and do not try to use it for any short sighted motives.
  6. Registering with FreemaKPO Consultants does not entitle you for any financial compensation if you do not able to earn any consultation fees due t o unavailability of prospective clients. Since we do not favor any of the industry sectors in terms of promotion or business development. We on our part always concentrate on developing our image as single window service/solution provider for numerous problems and reasons through conscious efforts and extensive promotion through innovative ways.
  7. Each and every individual/institution joining as registered consultants is requested to open their payment channel account with (PayPal). Your earnings will be directly transferred in such accounts directly on monthly basis.
  8. Each and every consultant who register with us are free to share there views to better the operation of FreemaKPO Consultants to enhance the value and also free to comment on any inconvenience in services.
  9. If any of the registered consultants have any personal or any other question can put in front of the governing body of FreemaKPO Consultants, we will definitely try to find it’s solution within our organization through our expertise as well as through our other registered consultants.
  10. You are not allowed to share the business secret with any of prospective client or client in lieu of any monetary gains, if any such matter come in light, then your membership will be terminated without any notice or any clarifications.
  11. Client is the most important for us whatever do here is for our clients through whom you and we are able to earn money, so in any case if you are not comfortable with any of the client, please inform us instead of taking the matter individually on your own. We will help you solve such problem in favor of client and you through best possible. Insult of any client or blackmailing in any form will be punishable offence by the concerned authority. You will have to pay the cost for the mistake you committed and will not be shared by  FreemaKPO Consultants.
  12. Do not use unauthorized means for consultation in any form if you do so, then you are going to fined by concerned authority and you will be solely responsible for that and those expenses will not be shared by FreemaKPO Consultants.
  13. Any one who wants to join FreemaKPO Consultants as the registered consultant should have proper proof of the nationality and must not have any criminal record. He/she must not be under any integer rogation by the police or legal department in any short of offensive or criminal crime. If found then the membership of such candidate/organization will be terminated without any prior notice, and all the monetary accounts of such member will be sealed and handover to the concerned authority.
  14. If any of the client fail to pay your fees in genuine case, do inform us so we can take proper action as much as possible and in permissible limit. But the outstanding amount will not be paid to you by FreemaKPO Consultants since we do not have direct say on the majority stake of the earned proceedings. You are not allowed to make FreemaKPO Consultants liable for any short of financial or intellectual rights since we have limited authority and resources to address such implication. Because major portion of negotiation of any service deal is on the registered consultant’s part itself.

I /we have read the above all terms and agree to abide by these terms, If found guilty on any part I will we solely responsible for the consequences individually as individual or the institutional owner.

In order to maximize the benefits to existing members, we reserve the right to stop accepting memberships at any time. We cannot guarantee that any membership places will be available at any time in the future.

As a part of expansion and improved services in future, we reserve the rights to raise service fee for all registered consultants.
Terms for Consultantís Client:

Clients are requested to contact Consultant through proper channel, you are requested to give us your e-mail address to meet any selected Consultant, so we can help provide contact channel whatever possible at that point of time.

Any dealing between client and Consultant is solely the matter of the two entities and FreemanKPO Consultants do not share any responsibility of monetary loss or any vital detail or information loss. FreemanKPO Consultants does not take any responsibility of compensation to either party in any form of payment or reimbursement.

Whenever you contact any of the listed Consultant at Freemankpo Consultants you are requested to evaluate them according to your requirements and standards, so you can have stringent standards in whatever you outsource from him/her or exchange with him/her. We strongly recommended the reciprocal confirmation of the services contract and confirmation of payment with each other, so in future you do not have any trouble in recovering any of the said documents when need arises.

We only provide platform to the Consultant and do not share any profit from them we only charge business development fee from the registered Consultant to avail benefits of our specialized marketing.

We do not take any responsibility in the form of compensation in case of the broken agreement with any of the registered Consultant. You will not get any reimbursement or compensation in case of any Consultant turndown the deal mid way without delivery of the said services, since we have very limited financial interest with them.

*Subject to Rajkot (Gujarat) India Jurisdiction only.

Privacy policy:

As a Knowledge Process Outsourcing Platform provider where we have in-house staff to outsource certain services as well as registered consultants in varied fields and disciplines. We on our part never provide any personal data of any client to any third party outside the organization.

We do not entertain any unsolicited query or dubious query through unethical means. In this case we will directly inform the concerned authority to take action on either of the party. We do not encourage any of the registered user/client to indulge in using FreemaKPO Consultants as the instrument of acquiring influence or monetary gains other then the negotiated with them. In such a case defaulter will be liable to pay the penalty for the damage of the reputation of FreemaKPO Consultants and may also prosecuted for the offence if necessary.

FreemaKPO Consultants is a platform where very high caliber professionals are engaged in different capacity as registered consultants, so each and every user/client is requested to respect protocol between each other.

Whatever we get in the form of the data from prospective user/client will not be utilized for purpose other then the notified.

We warehouse all the vital data of clients for evaluations of financial as well as intellectual aspects.

Terms & conditions:

If you do not get answer/response of your question in 24 hours, you are requested to post your question again. If we do not find any answer to your question we may not send you any answer. In such a case you can not ask for any compensation or explanation.
We are not responsible for incorrect or insufficient answer, since we do not check any answers given by our consultants it is impossible for us to address this issue.

If you are not satisfied with the service of any of the consultant please inform us immediately so we can take up the case immediately and set it right. If necessary we will discard the registration of the defaulter consultant/s.

We are not liable for your any misunderstanding with our registered consultant/s in the matter of service terms or financial terms violation. If any such thing happen, please inform us immediately so we try on our part to solve it through counseling, if we fail to do so you can lodge complain against the defaulter consultant/s to concerned authority, in such case we can provide you complete details of the defaulting consultant/s.

We do not take up any responsibility in the form of penalty payment in the case of delayed answer to your question/s or the delayed service.

*Rajkot, (Gujarat) India Jurisdiction only.
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