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It takes an idea and a perfect direction to make the best picture called success.
So when it comes to having an excellent idea and a perfect direction which can change the course of anything you do; it is time to put your question here in front of us at www.freemankpo.com
Every one of us has a dream to realize so as to me, I always dare to dream and have perseverance to realize it.

In 1989 when I was studying in Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S. University of Baroda, I had a dream to create a multi services organization, which can cater more than one service under one roof. And I started to gather bits and pieces to make it a reality. Almost after 18 years of relentless efforts, it formally took shape in 2006 as FreemanKPO Consultants; a Knowledge Resource Provider firm with Multiple Services Domains.

FreemanKPO Consultants’ core philosophy is question based services, which reflects in our corporate slogan “What do you want to know today?” It is this specialty, which makes us a bit different from others. We encourage you to put your any question in front of us; and we will try our best to find out solution for it as soon as possible.

Taking up newer challenges and finding innovative solutions is our all time affair and it runs in the veins of FreemanKPO Consultants’ team. Our strength is our human resource in the form of in-house resource and a bunch of reliable consultants and vendors.

We do not have limited domains or predefined agenda on which we deliver certain services. But we constantly add up new capacity to handle more and more domains to deliver varied services for different aspect of ever-growing Business challenges and requirements.

Starting with Advertising & Designing; we have developed further capacity in Brand Management, TV Commercials & Radio Jingles’ Production, Corporate & Documentary Film Production, Animations & Multimedia Productions, Web Design & Development, Web Content Development, Customize Software Development, Innovative Marketing Tools Development, Business Development Services, Industrial Design, Production line Development, Human resource Training and much more.

In short; expanding scope for more and more services under one umbrella is the core objective of FreemanKPO Consultants, and we pledge to be the same in times to come!

Bakul Valambhiya,
FreemanKPO Consultants

Our Vision

Today it is very challenging to get right business opportunity, right environment to develop it into a successful business with the right kind of people.

Our basic concern is to impart our knowledge expertise in different field of industry as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

We have a team of experts to handle different questions into depth. They are capable of arriving with the most suitable & viable solutions.

We have built upon the strength of knowledge in different industry and trades with investment of time, efforts and cent percent dedication. We are a team of doers rather than book worms. We have actually worked for the industry in which we are imparting our expertise.

Our prime concern is cost saving without compromise on quality. Because not each and every business house can afford to hire professionals for its each and every requirements. Sometime it is not viable for them to get services of experts with their limited resources also. In this situation we have a role to play. That is being a force to strengthen our client's position through dedicated services on project to project bases.

To address ever-growing challenges, we constantly strive for experts in different field, we convince them to join our platform and convince them to provide their expertise to help our valued clients.

For the easy procurement of required services or products we constantly search and empanel vendors of different services & products world over to serve you better. So any service can be provided smoothly and hassle free.

To serve you better please elaborate in depth regarding your question/s or requirements, so we can come up with the stringent solutions, which can suit you practically and economically.

So when it comes to having an excellent idea and perfect direction which can change the course of anything you do; it is time to put your question here in front of us.

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